Simone has always been a romantic, and knew from an early age creative writing was her passion and that she wanted to be a writer. She loves everything about love and writing so naturally enough romance had to be her writing genre.

Simone lives on the Central Coast of NSW with her beautiful man of twenty-four years, and their adorable but cheeky cat Ralphy boy, who’s the apple of their eye, and who loves his canvas shopping bags!

When she’s not writing herself, she’s an animal and environmental activist who’s saddened by all the animal and environmental cruelty in the world and does whatever she can to help, whether it’s attending protests, or donating monthly to various charities, planting trees for koala habitat, or sending submissions to parliament against proposed bills that are detrimental to animals, the environment, or people. She’s a member of the Animal Justice Party Central Coast group and is in the process of setting up a Greenpeace community group on the Central Coast.

She writes contemporary romance stories under the name of Simone Angela, and racy stories under the pen name of Kariss Stone. Her first self-published book is called Lust to the Night, while she has two other self-published books in the erotica genre — Dessert Ten Ways and the follow on book Thrills Ten Places.

She was part of the first Bindarra Creek series with her contemporary sweet romance The Ghost of his Past. Simone likes a troubled hero, the hero who hasn’t found peace and suffers with inner demons, so she would be keen to write future stories with this in mind. She has written another Bindarra Creek story as part of a follow up writing venture called Stealing her Heart.

And she is absolutely crazy about cats! And would love to have a cat rescue centre when she retires.

My activist journey

Our Ralphy Boy