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The past three weeks had been building up to this moment. All those emails, explicit texts and sex phone calls...

A hot night of sex.

One wild ride.

Fantasy becoming reality.

It starts in the shower of their hotel room…

Lust to the Night - cover.jpg
Prequel to 'Dessert Ten Ways'

dessert ten ways

Part 1 of Eric and Charlotte’s journey.

Book # 1 in the ‘Sexy Ten’ series


The best things in life are sweet!


Charlotte Castle couldn’t believe her luck, meeting hunky businessman Eric Madison, her sexual equal in every way. Full of creative ideas, he knew exactly how to spice up the sex using desserts, with often interesting results! From Pavlova to Chocolate Mousse, from Sticky Date Pudding to Bombe Alaska, she’ll never look at these desserts the same way again. Sugar rush. Sexual high.

Fun and playful sex with no-strings attached.

The only relationship he wanted.

She understood what she’d signed up for.

But what if she starts wanting more?

Dessert Ten Ways cover photo.jpg


The finale of Eric and Charlotte’s journey to love.

Book # 2 in the ‘Sexy Ten’ series

The follow on book to ‘Dessert Ten Ways’


Can love break through the walls?


Intimacy in a grocery store, on the

back of a bus, in the surf, a nightclub, a cable car. Just for starters!


Businessman Eric Madison takes his and Charlotte’s ‘thrills’ sex to an all new high.

But Charlotte Castle’s feelings for him grow to the point where a casual affair is no longer enough. Even though she risks losing him, she has to let him know how she feels.

Will Eric overcome his fear of love and commitment or will Charlotte have to walk away from the only man she’s ever loved?

Thrills Ten Places cover photo.jpg
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